Magic Workshops

A fun activity for Team Building Days

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or can you?

Matt’s Team Building Day Magic Workshop is primarily designed to be fun, entertaining and full of participation, with everyone taking part in an unusual learning process that will arm them with the ability to amaze and amuse people evermore, whether entertaining friends at a party or starting a meeting with something a bit different. The workshop can be tailored to suit an underlying business theme too – so far these have included:

creativity, learning (teaching an old dog new tricks) Vs Resistance to Change, presentation skills, developing confidence, interpersonal skills, be yourself,  rapport building, engaging an audience, communication, developing confidence, and a bonding experience for new work teams through a shared experience… and a great concept from learning magic – don’t be afraid to fail!

Why a Magic Workshop?


Magic can surprisingly complex to perform.

An introductory 1 or 2 hours to magic won’t make anyone an expert but it will be enlightening (e.g. how to learn misdirection, creativity, problem-solving etc.) and lots of fun. Participants may well be outside their comfort zone to start with, but learning how to enthuse an audience is quite an achievement. Compared to other team building workshops where guests bang on a drum or put simple cocktail ingredients together, magic is different – it requires a process of creativity, problem-solving, and learning. Then practice, performance and feedback, followed by practice, performance and feedback. It becomes a concentric circle, where participants openly learn from any mistakes, and improve through an iterative feedback/review process. It is an engaging process and a fabulous experience to learn to deliver magic well. And the participants will find post-workshop that they continue to develop/improve with every performance.

What Happens in a Magic Workshop?

Typically Matt teaches small groups of 5-20 people at a time. At team building days with large numbers and lots of activities Matt can teach each group different magic, e.g. one group might learn magic and another mind-reading. This way the groups bond within their team over their top secret magical knowledge and they can practice on other teams, and amaze/entertain their immediate colleagues. Matt starts with a quick magic show to get everyone laughing and enthusiastic, whilst including performing some of tricks they will learn in the workshop. It’s a nice surprise for the participants to find out they will be able to perform something they have just seen.

Using playing cards, business cards and everyday objects, participants can learn a host of magical effects, depending on the plan for the occasion: from simple party pieces to astounding magic, how to make amazing predictions, read minds, perform incredible mental maths calculations, and maybe learn some proposition bets to scam their friends too. Everything is provided and they will have a trick that they can keep in their wallets. And as a Bonus if they are business people they could learn how to give out their business cards in an unforgettable way. That’s magic!