After-Dinner Magician & Comedian

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A Truly Entertaining Comedy Magic Act

Welcome to Matt’s After Dinner Comedy Magic Show. A show that will bamboozle your guests and keep them laughing throughout. I start my show by returning items to members of the audience that I have pickpocketed! A unique start to an after dinner act that your guests will never have witnessed before, and one that captures everyone’s attention.

I often open with “Could you all please check your wrists? Is anyone missing a watch?”. A huge and even a rowdy audience will fall in to silence as they individually check. And then the laughter spreads as guests see their friends and colleagues realise that they have been pickpocketed.

Please Note: If you are considering hiring me, my opening act and pickpocketing skills must be kept a complete secret. I need the element of surprise! I do return everything!

About The Show

My show develops as I present my unique take on the world of magic and mind-reading. I’ll name your pets, deduce your pin number and maybe even give you a few hints for the lottery numbers. It’s all delivered in a relaxed way, with wit, and a little wisdom.

It’s an eclectic mix of magic (that will amaze), impossible mind-reading (that will astonish), a touch of pickpocketing (that will captivate) and a lot of humour.

There is a lot of hilarious audience participation too and all your audience will be involved in choosing my stage helpers. In all of this your guests will be laughing heartily at me, laughing at each other and laughing at themselves.

I have performed for Academics, Lawyers, Accountants, Salespeople and pretty much every cross-section of the working world you can think of.

I am based in Manchester and travel throughout the UK and abroad performing my after-dinner act at corporate events including awards dinners, sales conventions, company motivational days, networking events and golf days. I’d love to come and work for you too.

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