Exhibition Stand Attraction

Exhibition stand attractions attracting and audience for the Fujifilm stand

Exhibition Stand Attractions

Matt has used magic as an exhibition stand attraction to promote companies and their products in every major exhibition centre in the UK. He has also performed throughout Europe including exhibitions in Brussels, Monaco, Prague, Hanover, Amsterdam etc. He has promoted all sorts of products and companies. From fire extinguishing systems to labelling ink, annealing machines to taxi insurance, coffee machines to bridging loans, and numerous software products too, to list a few. Matt has promoted companies with just 2 staff on the stand to others with 20+ staff. Some stands with very limited budgets and others that will spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on an exhibition.

“We all agreed that you were a corner stone for the show and a lot of the success was down to you. A magician can rely on just the magic to do the talking, but rather than just standing back and performing the tricks. You brought so many more people to the stand that ordinarily we would have missed. Many, many thanks and we look forward to seeing you again.” Darren Wheeler, Director, Gould International.

Exhibition Stand Costs & ROI

“What is the ROI for exhibiting?” This is notoriously difficult to calculate and Matt will help you to maximise this, partly by helping you to minimise any missed opportunities, and by attracting attention, by making your stand, products and company name more memorable, by building audiences when the footfall is good enough, by delivering USPs and product information, and all with magic and a touch of humour – the magical ingredient to your marketing mix.

If you are an exhibitor or thinking of exhibiting here is a basic excel spreadsheet to help you look at the costs and returns involved. ROI CALCULATOR

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding work you did for us. Our team were greatly impressed with the way your performance fully engaged and entertained the audience in the difficult environment of a bustling international show. More importantly the way you integrated our products and services into your act turned a potentially dry message into an intriguing and valuable proposition. Most importantly as a company we had a clear aim to bring in a large amount of potential new business at a show that had in the past delivered very little for us. We comfortably exceeded our targets thanks to the methodology we employed. Your own role was pivotal to that success.”
Gary Barnes, Marketing Manager, Fujifilm Sericol UK Ltd.

Exhibition Magician.

As an exhibition stand attraction there are a few different ways that Matt typically works. He would be happy to discuss your exhibition aims and how he would fit within these. Is it a product launch? A networking event? Raising brand awareness? Is data capture a priority? etc. It’s very helpful if a company has exhibited before to have information like the number of leads generated. That way it’s possible to put a good measure on the difference Matt makes.

“Your performances throughout the exhibition were of a superb standard. We were all impressed by your professionalism and your ability to attract and entertain groups of people… Once again, Matt, thank you very much for all your hard work last week and for your contribution in making SURFEX such a successful exhibition for Lawrence Industries.”
Steve Cartlidge, Managing Director, Lawrence Industries.

A Stand Attraction Vs Doing Nothing.

An observation from a lot of exhibitions… at most, visitors can walk throughout the isles and almost never be approached by an exhibitor. Nor will they be overwhelmed by a gimmicky stand “attraction”. However, while your competitors stand and chat with themselves, and your staff are experts at what they do but reticent to try to stop people, Matt is highly proactive. He works tirelessly to stop people as they pass by. He uses magic, often making them laugh within seconds, and quickly qualifying if they are potential customers and passing them on to your sales staff if they are. This process is part stand attraction, part qualifier (eliminating time-wasters), part lead generator.

Incidentally, if your sales team are busy Matt will keep them entertained until someone is available to talk business (if your salesmen are engaged and a potential customer walks by as a result, that single lost opportunity may have made the investment in hiring Magic Matt worthwhile!). For your information, stopping people can be as simple as saying “Hello”. And then asking “Is there something you are looking for at the exhibition?” You’d be surprised how many times the reply is exactly what the company Matt is working for does, but the visitor didn’t know. They would otherwise have walked straight past. And Matt usually makes them smile or laugh within seconds with a quick magic trick. It disarms people’s natural reservations.

“We came away with quality leads and achieved every single objective we set ourselves. We punched well above our weight and that is in no small way thanks to your efforts. I was impressed by your professionalism and your enthusiasm. You entertained delegates with humour and skill. I’m sure everyone that came near us will remember it. Thank you for a good job, very well done.” Stuart Sawle, Managing Director, Sysop.

“I wanted to write to thank you so much for your help and performance on our stand at Earls Court. You were a great hit and tremendously helpful to us in both attracting and retaining the interest of our potential visitors… The event overall was a greater success than I had dared to hope.” Roy Winston, Chairman,Credit & Mercantile.

An Exhibition Strategy Recommendation

If you are exhibiting, or thinking of exhibiting, here’s a quick recommendation. A conversation with John Blaskey at The Exhibiting Agency could be very worthwhile. “Optimising Trade Show Performance” as he puts it. He’s excellent. Your stand may well be be hugely more successful with his input.

Additional info to add: Magical give-aways and driving visitors to your website.

And finally. You know you've made it in the world of Exhibiting when...