Back at Manchester United for the 18th year – and do I owe you a drink?

Manchester United – love the place – just fantastic to be back for the season 2017-18.

If I ever meet the person who had forwarded my contact details I’d like to buy them a drink – and if it was you let me know!

18 years since I first entertained there. I have no idea where that time has gone. I think my first match days were in the Red Cafe or the Europa Suite. I am often asked how I came to work there too. I’m not 100% this is what happened given the length of time since I started but I think this is it…. I had not long come back from working on a cruise ship and I was looking for work with my magic act. I was phoned by Lisa Preston from the Manchester United Hospitality dept. I think someone had given her my contact details with a recommendation and I duly arrived at Man Utd and entertained a group of staff in one of the boxes – including Karl Evans who is now Bury FC CEO. I was hired from then on for the matchday entertainment. As my friend the amazing magician Alan Hudson puts it “one of their best signings”.

Since I joined a lot has changed. The redevelopment of the corners of the stadium to add 20,000 seats and numerous function rooms. The Premiership has developed – and player costs – and wages have soared.

Matt Windsor

Matt Windsor

“Magic” Matt Windsor is a full-time professional close-up magician and pickpocket. Matt will entertain your guests with amazing sleight of hand magic, surprise them with his unique pickpocketing skills and – he is guaranteed to get everyone laughing as he does it.
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