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An Experience Your Guests Will Never Forget

Thank you for considering including me as a part of your wedding day. I am honoured to have entertained at many weddings throughout the UK (and as far as Greece and Gambia!), from a single table of 20 guests to huge weddings with 300+.

Weddings are, quite simply, the best of all events to entertain at. It’s a once in a lifetime gathering of people that arrive for a celebration, where everyone is happy, joyous, and simply a pleasure to meet. I would love to come along to entertain your friends & families and, most importantly, I’m sure I would bring a lot of laughter to your big day!

Magic Matt

The Best Times To Entertain At A Wedding

Reception Drinks

& Photo Period

During the reception drinks & photos is a lovely time to entertain. Often the bride and groom are occupied with their photos, and guests may be awaiting their turn to be in the photos too. I circulate amongst them, deliberately keeping it low-key and informal, introducing myself and usually gathering little groups together to keep them entertained. I will get everyone laughing and help to set the tone for the rest of your day.



During the wedding breakfast, I entertain from table to table working around the courses. I’ll usually save the Head Table until after the main course, so the bride and groom can both get food in and re-energise. As a performer this is an ideal time to entertain as it is like performing a mini show to every table. A great ice-breaker if your guests don’t know each other. If there are children at your wedding, often the kids follow me from table to table too.

The Room


Often there is a lull after the speeches whilst the evening guests arrive. Your day guests tend to hang out in the bar during the room turnaround. These are both ideal times for me to keep the day guests entertained. It helps to keep the energy up and post-speech joviality going until the evening party starts. If the timings allow I can entertain the evening guests too. Often the day guests often want me to do certain tricks (e.g. watch-stealing) on their friends as they arrive for the evening!

The Evening


After an enjoyable day everyone wants to celebrate. I join in the fun as a part of this with his astonishing walkabout and table magic. Lots of fun. Lots of laughter. And I can entertain pretty much everyone, from the sometimes inebriated day guests, to the new arrivals, to the elderly guests often sitting around struggling to hear the conversations. Usually I finish when the first dance starts and the music gets turned up and the evening moves on.

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