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Zoom Magic and Mind-Reading Show

My Zoom/Virtual show….

If you are looking for a get-together/Xmas party entertainment idea for your friends/colleagues I perform a great fun magic and mind-reading show.

It’s suitable for families or friends having a get-together – or gives them all a reason to do so, and is ideal for the Staff Christmas virtual party.
Lots of great fun and amazing magic and mind-reading. Honest!
And If you are having a company event I can tailor what I do to your staff and products too.

In a bit more detail…

I perform an entertaining, interactive 10/20/30 minute close-up virtual show.
It works for audiences of just a few friends to thousands of staff (my biggest audience so far is 1,000 – worldwide).
It’s a bit like watching a TV magic show that’s just for you and your group.

I combine some slight of hand magic with some amazing mind-reading – and even an element of danger!I will amaze everyone with some impossible “think of a card/number” magic, and surprise them with some visual magic (e.g. making things appear from nowhere), and my favourite (which has fooled a lot of magicians) – I’ll also misdirect everyone – i.e. you shouldn’t notice some things happen when they do so right there in front of you on your screen (but please keep this is a secret as I need the element of surprise in my show).

And none of this uses special effects or stooges* – I just keep it deliberately simple with a camera and me.
I’ll also include some members of the audience as helpers throughout and host it all with a little wit, and create some fun and laughter for everyone (*I don’t use stooges but love a little inside info – not to cheat with but so that I can mention a few things that everyone can relate to).

I have now performed for a lot of varied events – from 10 minutes as a surprise opener in a staff virtual meeting (to add something different), to doing 20 minutes following an annual message from the CEO to 1,000 staff, to, most commonly, doing my 30 min show as a part of a get-together. And please let me know if you have something in mind – e.g. to join a meeting as a surprise, to entertain at a Xmas party etc, and if you are thinking of other ideas too e.g.a quiz etc? as I work alongside these as a part of an event for company staff.

1) Above about 10 people I tend to mute everyone and then when I am picking helpers I ask the individual to unmute themselves.
I find the participation (like with a live audience) keeps everyone involved – and if we “front row” e.g. the senior members of staff I can deliberately choose specified people.
2) I can join an existing (Webex/Zoom/Teams) meeting as a guest – e.g. at a specified time I am introduced and the host moves the setting to spotlight me for everyone,
3) Or I can host a Zoom meeting for up to 100. I will forward an invite and the guests simply click on the link. I generally open the waiting room 5 minutes before I start so that guests can check their video and mics are working, say Hi etc. I can also use this pre-show time to personalise images on-screen (e.g. it’s great fun to have some surprise photos of your guests appear).

I hope this info gives you a good idea of what is involved – and please feel free to ask me any questions. I’ll then provide a quote and hopefully look forward to making it an unforgettable get-together for everyone – I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

About The Show

My show develops as I present my unique take on the world of magic and mind-reading. I’ll name your pets, deduce your pin number and maybe even give you a few hints for the lottery numbers. It’s all delivered in a relaxed way, with wit, and a little wisdom.

There is a lot of hilarious audience participation too and all your audience will be involved in choosing my stage helpers. In all of this your team will be laughing heartily at me, laughing at each other and laughing at themselves.

I have performed for Academics, Lawyers, Accountants, Salespeople and pretty much every cross-section of the working world you can think of.

I am based in Manchester and travel throughout the UK and abroad performing at corporate events including awards dinners, sales conventions, company motivational days, networking events and golf days. I’d love to come and work for you too.

I have also helped businesses attract attention at trade shows and exhibitions – find out more about this here.

Here are just some of the 300+ brands I have performed for:


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