Writing my new web site: gosh, where to begin with 20 year’s worth of events?

How to begin to completely update my 12 year old website?
And any ideas / feedback / improvements / errors to correct – please let me know!
First off I have my friend Mark Pierce designing the site (UX Magician, UI Developer & Polymath apparently mark@withoutmayo.com). I can’t recommend him more highly when it comes to web insight and design. Annoyingly talented (he told me to write that).

That’s the best news. Now the content, the hardest part (I am told)…

I’ll split this in to two problems:1) text, 2) photos. As with corporate clichéd expression evolution I’ll redefine “problems” as challenges.
Challenge 1) text. Common to most web sites actually writing the words that go on it is the hardest part.
On the plus side I have the experience of performing at thousands of events to back me up.
So maybe no shortage of words there to write once I put my mind to it.
However, how do I get the balance right between saying I might be good at entertaining and trying to suggest that I might be worth hiring Vs doing what some do and that is to become a little self-absorbed and coming across as a stereotypical megalomaniac entertainer?
I’ll call this “selling yourself Vs over-selling yourself”.
Please, pleeeeease let me know if I have fallen in to the overselling trap!
Challenge 2) Photos.
I have been filmed and photographed thousands upon thousands of times. And I see such lovely moments in time that I know have been captured.
But, on the occasions that an actual professional photographer catches them, there is almost zero chance of getting a copy. Hmm. Drat.
They would have helped now. I know this experience is true for my friends who are performing magicians.
And, funnily enough, the odd occasion a photographer or client is kind enough to forward any photos they are almost invariably of me standing there.
Inexplicably photographers tend to prefer to capture a photo of me standing, apparently by myself, rather than e.g. standing next to me and capturing the atmosphere with the reactions and faces of all the people looking at me. If you come across a photographer that has the awareness to do this keep their details – you have found an exceptional one (e.g. Carly).
So I will be adding a lot of photos I have actually taken myself – hence, sorry, they aren’t great quality – I just pick up my camera and click – as they are often nice moments to send to my employers.
Here we go then, my new web site: “Magic Matt. Magician and Pickpocket…..”

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