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I was just emailed this question by a bride-to be about the logistics of performing table magic during a wedding breakfast.
“So how does it work with it being around people eating? How do you normally plan it?”
It got me thinking that I should have an FAQ page. Here are my thoughts for now:

It’s a good question.

Wedding Magician Manchester Matt Windsor Table magic

The Wedding Breakfast / Table Magician

If people are eating, especially a main course or hot food I don’t go to their table*.
This sounds like I am skiving but what happens 99.9% of the time is that the head table (the Bride’s!) will get served first.
I therefore start at one of the furthest away.
By the time the service gets to the last table often a couple of tables will have finished.
This minimises any down time I have.
I usually time it so that I go to the head table after they have had their main course – so they are all happy!
On that subject, a top tip for Brides: get your bridesmaids to carry round a few snacks you really like – like a tracker bar – so you can eat something if you get tired and hungry/hangry.

There is an exception to not performing during food, assuming there are a few children at the wedding. Actually their parents tend to like the kids amusing – it gives them a break so that they can eat. I am not a kids’ magician but I can entertain children as a part of a family and happy children = happy parents.

When it gets to desert (these are normally cold) people are more relaxed so my rule becomes flexible – and usually guests have seen me at other tables and are keen for me to go to theirs.

I hope that all makes sense. And if you want to get in touch I’m always happy to chat about wedding plans!

*Incidentally, a similar rule applies to wedding photography. Often the photographer will go and eat while the food is being served – because guests like to be left to eat, and not have photos of them chewing – or in my case I don’t really want to try to make people laughing while they are eating.

The photo above is from a wedding at Mere Court Hotel.

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