Magic Waiters Act

If you are after an event with a difference, an amazing evening, that’s full of surprises, and that your guests will talk about for a long time to come… described as “Awesome!” by Robyn Gaeth, GSK (event for the Senior Legal VP & about 15 colleagues), and with feedback like “You couldn’t have had more glowing reviews” Debbie Ball, Ball Associates (event for 100 Hewlett Packard staff):

Magic Matt’s Undercover Magic, Pickpocketing & After Dinner Show

A full evening’s entertainment that’s ideal for a dinner with anything from just one table of guests to around 100+ people (for larger events see The 3 Magicians’ act The Magic Waiters (TM) – like singing waiters but with magic). Your guests will be surprised by the unusual service that Matt provides. He starts the evening disguised as a waiter. He’ll greet the guests, take their coats, serve their champagne and canapés etc. whilst subtly introducing a plausible yet slightly eccentric combination of “Fawlty Towers” service and bumbling waitering that will get the guests talking. Matt intrigues them with his harmless antics and to their amusement introduces his amateur magical skills. These turn out to be peculiarly proficient, actually quite magical, and get everyone laughing as Matt continues to serve as normal around the tables, creating a magical evening and there are no card tricks!

As dinner draws to a close and the coffee is served your guests will be most surprised to see their waiter actually start the after-dinner entertainment, and even more so when he begins to return many of their belongings! As an e.g. Matt has started an after-dinner show by returning 4 watches, a phone, a pair of glasses and 2 ties – having already returned numerous items already during the dinner! Matt’s comedy and pickpocketing show then tops off dinner, making it a very unusual evening, full of entertainment, and an event that guests will laugh and talk about for a long time to come.

You beauty! Greetings Matt – Have spoken to Aviva. Sounds like you stole the show! Well done, congratulations and thanks for all that!Mark Lewis, The Wizards Network

Matt returns a stolen tie, allows the helper to pickpocket him, but then, unknown to the helper, leaves with his wallet.


Matt, performing Undercover disguised as a waiter, returns a stolen tie, and allows the helper to pickpocket him, but then, unknown to the helper, leaves with his wallet.


Matt has performed his Undercover Magic act for all sorts of events, from a single table at a wedding at Armathwaite Hall with 20 guests, to Arsenal FC’s team Xmas dinner (where he stole Alexis Sanchez’s watch), to Muscat in Oman (for the Oman Arab Bank). Incidentally, Matt has even been booked by a company who heard the laughter from the room Matt was performing in. And a personal favourite – he went undercover to magically produce a ring box in a restaurant for a marriage proposal (Video).