Manchester United V Burnley FC – The Quiz

Manchester United V Burnley FC – the quiz. No googling allowed. No prizes from me. If you get over 15 let me know – we need you for the pub quiz team.

Magician Manchester United Quiz V Burnley FC 171226

Manchester United V Burnley FC – the quiz.

In text format…

1 Which capital city is also an article of footwear

2 in 2000 Lord Sugar sold his controlling interest in which Premier League club

3 who is the editor of The Daily Mirror from 1995 to 2004 for who duetted with Julio Iglesias on the 1984 top 20 UK single to All the Girls I’ve Loved Before

5 which word is a contagious disease in dogs and the method of painting

6 Walter Arnold of East Peckham became the first person to be convicted of which driving offence 120 years ago this week and find one shilling

7 which football club features in the LS Lowry painting going to the match

8 which excuse topped a recent poll for being late for work

9 which band made their last public performance on the roof of Apple records in London in 1969

10 Richard of York gave battle in Vain is a popular rhyme to help remember what

11 where did The Monkeys take the last train to in 1967

12 which word is part of the digestive system a punctuation mark and the unit of currency in Costa Rica

13 who worked as a cleaner at the Rovers Return between 1964 and 1987

14 if your balls are black and blue and your opponent’s balls are red and yellow what sport are you playing

15 which former US President has the most edited page on Wikipedia haven’t been altered almost 46000 times

16 which stroke is not allowed in table tennis but compulsory in badminton

17 Otoplasty is a surgical procedure pending which part of the body

18 in the stories of Winnie the Pooh who has it how is the word honey spelt on who’s honey jars

19 which he generally carries out instructions of a will

20 which snooker player was a runner-up in six world championships in the 1980s and 1990s

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