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Matt isn’t just a magician, he’s also a pickpocket. His unique skills will astound your guests. E.g. his “Watch Dog” trick where a guest finds their watch inside the balloon they are holding (Videos). Matt also has the rare accolade of being probably the only person to have pickpocketed a member of The Royal Family, and kept his head! He can even steal someone’s tie and put it on himself without them knowing. An idea he invented and that’s so unbelievable here’s the moment Matt’s helper realises…

Pickpocket Magician

Pickpocket magician Magic Matt will astonish your guests. If you are looking for the “Wow! factor” for your event,  something completely different that has a few surprises thrown in, and if you’d like to make it an outstanding occasion that people will remember and talk about for a long time to come, Matt will astonish your guests with his unique pickpocket skills. He has possibly the fastest watch-steal on the planet, he can pickpocket phones and wallets from people’s pockets, and even steal someone’s tie and put it on without them noticing, and he’ll keep your guests laughing as he does it. In fact Matt often uses the moment people laugh to pickpocket items from them. He does, by the way, give it all back too!

I am often asked - what is my favourite piece of magic? (i.e. that I do). It is this... I have stolen someone's tie and put it on without them knowing. I then carry on talking to the person and they often see the tie and say something like "I have a tie like that" (this is my favourite moment in all of my magic career), and everyone laughs. They don't quite see why everyone is laughing, to them it's just a coincidence. And then they realise - and it sets off a lot more laughter. It is such an incredible, impossible moment. This is what I set out to achieve when I started out in magic, and there were legends of people able to do things like this. I suspect that long after people forget the card tricks they saw a magician do (and I love card magic!) they will still recount the time they saw this happen. Hence, my favourite trick. I'd like to think I have managed to gift a truly magical memory to the people that see me. Magic Matt

Pickpocket Magician for Meet & Greet and Table Entertainment

When? Ideal during a reception drinks and around the tables during dinner.
So you think your watch, wallet, phone, keys, glasses, belt and your tie are safe…think again.

A lot of experience goes in to the art of pickpocketing. To become good at it takes a lot of practice – and the ability to get over being caught red handed! It is part skill and part improvisation. It requires the ability to use communication and body language to control someone, to anticipate reactions, to use humour to set people at ease, and most of all it requires a lot of misdirection. One of the most important things to do as a pickpocket is to include and entertain the “helper” a much as the audience, so that they are never a victim. Matt’s personality and delivery usually means the unsuspecting guest will often laugh longer and harder than their friends. Matt usually uses his skills as a close up magician to distract people’s attention from their belongings. He can also perform in character, e.g. at themed events as a Victorian gent (other characters have included The Thief of Baghdad, and a Street Urchin!), or whilst disguised as a security guard or as a waiter.

My second favourite piece of magic (i.e. of my own) is my “Watch Dog!” trick. Something I have been performing since I first started stealing watches in c.1995(!). I steal someone's watch and put it in a balloon and make it in to a dog. There is such a lovely moment when, as someone is holding the dog and looking at it, and their friends are repeatedly telling them it's a "watch dog!", they suddenly realise that it's their watch inside the balloon. They double take at their wrist and the balloon. It is a jaw-dropping moment, quite literally, and seemingly very funny (see Videos). Magic Matt


The life of a Pickpocket Entertainer: Crimewatch, 75 Million hits and unusual anecdotes….

Yes, Matt has worked for Crimestoppers and appeared on Crimewatch (the Roadshow) – both raising awareness of how to keep your belongings safe by highlighting how opportunistic pickpockets and gangs work in shopping areas. He consulted on and filmed “7 ways you are vulnerable to pickpockets – and how to prevent them” – which now has an incredible 75+ million views and 40,000 comments (View the article here). Matt has stolen wallets – that turn out actually to be police warrant cards. He occasionally has someone’s phone ring in his pocket. The “helper” usually recognises the ring tone and can’t immediately understand where it’s coming from. Matt usually answers the phone with an unusual message. And finally, Matt has himself been the victim of criminal pickpockets on the Barcelona metro – twice! The first time he caught the person (actually she was spotted by a friend having used a stall technique with an accomplice), and how it happened the second time is still a mystery.



Here are a couple of examples of funny moments for the guests watching Matt….

Matt has stolen a watch and put it on. Matt gets guests to take a photo (often with the victim’s phone too). It’s a lovely moment as the guests zooms in and realises why everyone is laughing – Matt is wearing his watch in the photo….

pickpocket entertainer pickpocket magician stealing a watch

Matt has stolen the person’s tie, put it on and sat down next to him. They are shaking hands just before he realised Matt is wearing his tie…

pickpocket entertainer pickpocket magician UK best pickpocket


See Gallery for watch steals and Matt’s “watch dog” trick.

Photos to add. Entertaining at Chatsworth House, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Wedding celebrations for their son. And lot’s of photos of stealing things.

Matt pickpockets whilst performing as a magician or as a waiter.
His unique pickpocketing skills will ensure your event is talked about for a long time to come. Matt can steal a watch in a matter of seconds. And take someone’s tie off and put it on himself without them knowing. Astounding entertainment that your guests will never have witnessed before!