Manchester United V Stoke City – The Quiz

Manchester United V Stoke City FC – the quiz. No googling allowed. No prizes from me. If you get over 15 let me know – we need you for the pub quiz team.

Manchester United V Stoke City Quiz

In text the questions are…

1 British passports will revert back to what colour after Brexit?
2 Which chocolate bar was launched by Nestle in 1978 and featured a long distance lorry driver in its first advertising campaign?
3 Which former England football manager was 75 years old earlier this month?
4 Which Aerosmith song is a favourite among newlyweds as their first dance?
5 Which UK city has recently named as the host for the Commonwealth Games in 2022?
6 TX is an abbreviation of which US state?
7 Which English player has played for 4 different football clubs that were participating in the Champions League whilst he was there?
8 In what year did the Chernobyl nuclear disaster take place?
9 What colour is the top of a bottle of HP Sauce?
10 In what Disney film did thumper the rabbit make his debut?
11 Which world class player has played for 5 different football clubs whilst being in the Champions League but has never won the Champions League?
12 Which Canadian city features in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
13 Which motor manufacturer was founded by William Lyons in 1922?
14 When I’m feeling weak and my pain walks down a one way street is a line from which song?
15 Which is the only football team in Scotland top four divisions that doesn’t include the letters in FOOTBALL?
16 What was the name of the coding machine used by Germany during WWII but broken by British Intelligence at Bletchley Park?
17 What spirit is flavoured by juniper berries?
18 A computerised axial tomography scanner is generally referred to by what name?
19 Which player has made the most which player has played the most consecutive Premier League appearances – clue = goalkeeper?
20 Which former liberal Democrat leader was recently handed and knighthood in the New Year’s Honours List?

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