Manchester United V Liverpool FC – The Red Cafe Quiz

Here’s the Manchester United quiz from the Liverpool game this weekend. 2-1 btw. As predicted by Norman Whiteside pre-match.

Great fun entertaining in the Red Cafe with the matchday hospitality team as always. Sammy McLlory provided the post-match punditry.

I listened to Lee Martin pre-match in the Victoria Warehouse. He had some great anecdotes… he scored the winning goal in the 1990 FA cup final V Crystal Palace after the manager shouted at him to get forward. It turns out in the dressing room after the win the manager comes up to him and says “When I was shouting to get forward – I wasn’t talking to you.” And his odds were 60-1 to score, if you had wanted to place a bet – and the goalkeeper was 50-1. Incidentally Becky Adlington was one of the guests – which reminds me of a funny tweet by Lizzie Simmonds:

Lady in public lane: you’re very good at swimming you know..
Me: erm, thanks
Lady: no seriously, you should try and do a trial with the county club!
Me: erm, well I actually went to a couple of Olympics..
Lady: me too! Which sports did you get manage to get tickets for?

The Matchday Quiz Manchester United V Liverpool

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