Manchester United V AFC Bournemouth & The Quiz

Manchester United V AFC Bournemouth. Great fun entertaining in the boxes and the Red Cafe. Let me know if you get more than 15 on the quiz, without google! Photos (to add):

1) Pickpocketing the boys from Buxton and Dublin

2) The MUFC Legend Clayton Blackmoore hosting.

My 3 highlights: crashing the staff training, the Davis family (what a lovely coincidence) and Derek, there for his 80th birthday. He’d first been to a Man Utd match aged 13 when they played at Main Road as OT had been bombed in the war.

The Manchester United Matchday Quiz.

Magician Manchester United Quiz

Back to the Red Cafe – it simply amazes me every time to see where people travel from to see a match. I met people from from South Africa, Sydney in Oz, Malaysia, Scandinavia and the USA. Amazing!

And here is the quiz in text format…

1 which part of the body is often referred to as the window to the soul
2 what colour is the lid on a jar of Bovril
3 which country recently became the smallest ever to qualify for the FIFA World Cup finals
4 which country is home to 60% of the Amazon rainforest
5 what type of animals were Petra Wilberforce and Humphrey or former pets at 10 Downing Street
6 which city is home to Colman’s Mustard
7 what was the unit of currency of Portugal prior to the euro
8 which city is home to the Armani fashion brand
9 which Hollywood star filed for divorce from Lisa Marie Presley seven years ago this week after just three months of marriage
10 who recently delivered his second budget as Chancellor
11 which song did Baloo memorably sing in The Jungle Book
12 the Welsh Rugby Union team recently suffered the 30th successive defeat against which nation
13 which country is home to the world’s largest Spanish speaking population
14 which part of the body suffers from gastroenteritis
15 the Warren Commission was set up to investigate the circumstances surrounding which event of the 1960s
16 Caledonia was the name the Romans gave to which country
17 which London landmark was badly damaged by fire in 2007 and reopened to the pain public in 2012
18 in 2007 Kevin Rudd bought John Howard’s 11-year run as prime minister of which country to an end
19 which wood is home to Winnie the Pooh
20 Absolut is a brand of vodka from which country

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