Wedding Entertainment – magic on the Isle of Man – when England played Sweden in The World Cup…

A reminder to myself of such a good fun trip to entertain on the Isle of Man – and how lucky I am to be a magician at weddings – that what was once my hobby is now my living. Even if I was sitting in a car during England (what they need is a magician) V Sweden at The World Cup.

Taking the early morning flight over from Manchester, to my complete surprise as we approached the island it was hidden in fog – on a beautiful sun-shining blue-skied day. It turns out that according to Manx folklore even the Vikings couldn’t find the island at times (I was informed by a helpful assistant in Curphey’s), as it has an unusual geo-specific fog that can come and go in minutes. The pilot did a go-around (note to self to write a blog some time about when I did my Private Pilot’s Licence in South Africa at Progress Flight Academy – they were brilliant) and circled for an extra 20 minutes before announcing that if the fog didn’t clear we’d be diverting to Liverpool.

Hmmm, up since 5am and I was going to have managed to get a flight from Manchester to Liverpool for the day… It cleared enough to land. Phew. On the plus side it meant I got chatting with Peter – the passenger next to me – and ended up giving him and his wife a lift to Douglas.

Photo: on the Central Promenade of the fog lifting in Douglas.

Isle of Man Douglas. The Island Fog when I went to a wedding.

With a few hours to kill I did a quick drive around some of the island – and some of the TT route – enjoying my 30-40mph and taking in the TT signage (and crash barriers) for the riders. You wouldn’t believe it if you could see some of the roads – but the average (average!) speed of the riders is around 130mph. Round the small lanes. Bonkers.

Stopped off at Castletown – you can probably see how they came up with the name…

Isle of Man Castletown

And so on to Kirk Michael – with England 1-0 V Sweden and the commentary signal dropping in and out (!) on 5 live radio. A quick stop to look at the Kirk Michael Heritage Trail – I’ll bring my mountain bike next time. And arriving at my Richard and Maria’s wedding with the score at 2-0 and in time to hear the cheers for the end of their speeches. Lovely to see their friends overlooking the match – I was once at a wedding when England were playing and most of the men were across the road watching it in a pub. The bride, to say the least, was fuming.

Isle of Man Kirk Michael Heritage Trail

Two things that I then decided were great ideas at the wedding…

1) In the scorching heat this is the best use of a kids inflatable pool I have seen in ages – I was tempted to get in it myself…

Isle of Man Wedding Drinks

and 2) what a great way of keeping all the kids entertained. They happily zoomed around this inflatable for hours – and their parents got to enjoy the peace. Ideal. Note to self: wedding entertainment for kids – recommend getting them a bouncy castle.

Isle of Man Wedding Entertainment Idea

And so to work –  being a magician – an absolute blast with all the guests. Such fun going around the tables in the evening doing my close-up magic and pickpocketing. A bit of down-time as we watched the cake cutting and the first dance – and then times like this – outside the marquee with a small audience and some good guys as my helpers. Photo – of my tie steal. Video of this is on my facebook page if you want to see the reaction.

Isle of Man Wedding entertaining in the evening with magic

Thanks again Richard and Maria – a wonderful wedding and honoured to be a part of it.



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