The 3 Magicians

The 3 Magicians. Magic Matt Windsor, Iain Moran member of the Magic Circle and Andy Lochran

Welcome to The 3 Magicians!

“A massive thank you, you guys were amazing and very much loved by all. I’m so glad to have found you after doing a random search on google!” Rupal Pandit, Executive Assistant to Bernard van Bunnik, GE Money Home Lending

The 3 Magicians bring simply the best in modern, bespoke, contemporary sleight of hand magic, x 3! If you are hoping to host an outstanding event, as a unique trio they combine exceptional magic, astounding mind reading and world-class pickpocketing. Along with a good measure of humour they will help to make your event unforgettable. They can even do all this while “undercover”, disguised as waiters (like the singing waiters but with magic).

Over the last decade The 3 Magicians have entertained audiences from just a single table of guests to over a thousand at conferences. En route performing for Royalty, celebrities and Premiership footballers, for Manchester United at all of their match days, at corporate events and at all sorts of private parties and weddings. They have been flown to events in Amsterdam, Germany, Oman, Dubai etc.

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“We had an absolute ball on Saturday night, the guys and gals were absolutely buzzing all night with most of them coming up to me on the night and thanking me for the superb entertainment and all that everyone talked about yesterday was which magic did you see, what about that OMG how did they do that, we absolutely loved it, and that is exactly why I came and booked you because I knew how good you are… So a massive heartfelt thankyou from me and Thorncliffe for our fantastic night, and hopefully we can do it all again next year!” Bev Harris, XPO Logistics

Unlike almost any other act The 3 Magicians can entertain during a reception drinks (with close-up magic), during a dinner (with table magic) and perform an after dinner comedy magic show. The start to their show captures an entire audience as they check their wrists for their watches. And there’s a lot of laughter at what follows. In fact their versatility means that The 3 Magicians are an ideal alternative to a meet and greet act, standard table magicians, a singing waiters show and a comedian or after dinner speaker – combined!

As the only magical trio in the UK made up of a magician, a mind-reader and a pickpocket The 3 Magicians add depth and variety to your line-up. They’ll bring something new and different to your event.

“To Matt, Iain & Andy, Just a little note of thanks for providing the most amazing entertainment many of us have ever witnessed. Ever! Looking forward to our 2015 Plus Awards (Jan 2016) and hoping we can call on your creativity again!” Kate, Lesley & Everyone at AdviserPlus (*see re-booking quote below)


Magic on the Menu – Like Singing Waiters but with Magic!

magic-on-the-menuIf you are hoping to add an extra twist to your event, and to surprise your guests, The 3 Magicians show “Magic on the Menu” might just be what you are looking for. Put simply it’s an undercover magic act – a bit like Singing Waiters but with magic.

Disguised as waiters The 3 Magicians are involved in everything from the very start, from taking coats to serving drinks. They establishing themselves as genuine staff and then slowly introducing impromptu magic to the surprise of your guests. It is genuinely more magical when your guests see their waiter bend a spoon or make a bottle vanish than when a magician does it.

As a trio they utilise their individual areas of expertise (magic, mind-reading and pickpocketing) whilst serving dinner. They comically escalate their magical antics at the tables. And once coffee is served they combine to deliver a surprise finale after dinner show. With it they’ll bring a lot of laughter to your event too!

Incidentally, The 3 Magicians have performed Magic on the Menu alongside great Singing Waiters acts many times. Their acts can work well together. You don’t want to hear them sing though!

“Hi Matt, I just wanted to drop you a note to pass on our thanks for the… hard work and fantastic entertainment on Saturday night at our Plus Awards dinner at the Titanic in Liverpool. [You] were brilliantly received, again, and I for one couldn’t explain … why the fork I brought home was twisted in many directions without anyone touching it! The table entertainment provided many a scream during dinner and the 10 minute finale concluded the formalities brilliantly. Many thanks once again for providing a great show.” Lesley Sweeney, Director of Internal Communications and Quality, AdviserPlus


The 3 Magicians aren’t just three magicians…

They are a Magician, a Mind Reader, and a Pickpocket: they don’t just walk around performing card tricks! With their different magical skills The 3 Magicians will leave your guests with a lot to talk about. Who they saw and what they did. Whether their minds were read, their pockets picked or their eyes deceived with misdirection. Even if your audience has seen magicians before The 3 Magicians perform magic that solo magicians just can’t. They secretly combine to deliver some incredible close up magic that can only be done with two or sometimes three magicians involved.

Above all, all of this is done with plenty of humour. Never smug, aloof, or too cool, The 3 Magicians bring an atmosphere of fun and a lot of laughter to any event.

“The evening was a complete success and the feedback from all the guests has been probably the best we have had so far. The Three Magicians were absolutely amazing. People could not stop talking about how impressive they were.” Claire Holland, Inspace Partnership

The Think Magic Team of Magicians

If you are organising a larger event with 300 to 1,000+ guests, or multiple events nationwide, and require an outstanding team of close-up and table entertainers, welcome to Think Magic. Events Think Magic have staffed include the following. An incredible 34 magicians for a single event. 10 table magicians at Wembley Stadium for a dinner with 1,000 guests. 18 magicians at 10 events nationwide on the same date (with venues from Glasgow to Portsmouth).

Think Magic Ltd provides close-up, walkabout & table magicians, mind readers (we love Iain Moran – and amazing mind reader and Member of the Magic Circle) , pickpockets, ipad magicians, multilingual magicians and after-dinner comedy magic shows for corporate and private events. The team are made up of some of the finest magicians in the UK. We would love to come along and entertain your guests. We will bring laughter, amazement, applause. We’ll bring the ability to astonish anyone. Helping to make yours a very enjoyable and very memorable event.

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