Thank you for considering including me as a part of your wedding day. I am honoured to have entertained at a lot of weddings (throughout the UK – and as far afield as Greece and Gambia), from a single table of 20 guests to huge weddings with 300+. They are, quite simply, the best of all events to entertain at. It’s a once in a lifetime gathering of a group of people that arrive for a celebration, where everyone is happy and joyous, and simply a pleasure to meet. I would love to come along and entertain your friends and families and, most importantly, I’m sure I would bring a lot of laughter to your big day! Magic Matt

Manchester Wedding Magician Magic Matt entertains an audience during a wedding reception drinks at a Cheshire venue.

Wedding Magician, Manchester, Cheshire and beyond!

Wedding day magic can be one of the best parts of your big day for your guests. If you are looking for wedding entertainment ideas it’s the perfect ice-breaker, filling the gaps, and bringing laughter and amazement to your guests of all ages. There is a lot of info below about when magic might be suitable and pros and cons of the different periods during the day. Matt typically entertains as a close-up / table magician at the drinks reception, wedding breakfast or evening party. Quite simply adding a touch of magic to one of the best days of your life.

Hi Matt, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your entertainment… everyone told me how brilliant it was, my Nan even cried with laughter, which is just fantastic.” Kerry & Richard.

Matt will help to create a fun atmosphere, fill any gaps in the day (planned or unplanned!), act as the perfect ice-breaker (especially useful if your guest don’t know each other), and help to create outstanding memories of your Big Day for all your guests, young and old. Having entertained at hundreds of weddings Matt is accommodating and flexible on the day too.

“You kidding??? You were the highlight without a shadow of a doubt. The feedback we have had has been fantastic and we passed your card and number onto a number of people for corporate events (hope you didn’t mind). The card thing in particular was probably one of the funniest I have ever seen!! Very funny!!. Finally – a big thank you from myself and John you were amazing and helped to make our day very special.” Ruth Pamplin Dent

"It's not an exaggeration to say that Matt was one of the main highlights of our wedding. Fantastically entertaining, hilarious and just a lovely lovely man. Our guests were talking about Matt all night - hands down the best money we spent of the whole wedding." Katia & Matt

When is the best time to entertain at a wedding?

There are a few periods during which Matt usually entertains. The reception drinks and photos, around the tables at the wedding breakfast, the room turn-around, and the evening party. Matt is very flexible and can entertain during one or more of these. He’d be happy to discuss how he might fit in with your plans. Also, given the number of guests, when speeches are scheduled etc. he may have some suggestions.

1) Reception Drinks & Wedding Photos.

Wedding Magician. Table Magician. Pickpocket Entertainer. Magic Matt. Manchester.

During the reception drinks & photos is a lovely time to entertain. Often the bride and groom are occupied with their photos and guests may be awaiting their turn to be in the photos too. They might be standing around for an hour or so twiddling their thumbs and getting hungrier. Matt circulates amongst them, deliberately keeping it low-key and informal, introducing himself and usually gathering little groups together to keep them entertained. H will get everyone laughing and help to set the tone for the rest of your day. It’s also ideal if the photos over-run and they start getting hangry (i.e. hungry and angry!) too.

Photos by Carly Bevan including Matt’s tie stealing trick. Matt takes someone’s tie without off them without them knowing and puts it on himself. It’s full of humour for the spectators and simply amazing to the volunteer when he realises….

"We would like to say a really big special THANK YOU … All our guests really enjoyed your entertainment and all Tracey and I could hear was continuous laughter whilst our photos were being taken.” Wendy and Tracey Ditchfield

“Hi Matt, Just want to say a HUGE thank you from Sean and me for your FANTASTIC performance yesterday! Everyone has been texting us this morning to say how fantastic the day was and how brilliant you were! You really added something special to our reception and the guests loved all your tricks! You went over and beyond what we expected you to do and you did a great job of entertaining the children which wasn’t an easy job! Once again a big thank you!!” Becky & Sean Krool

2) Wedding Breakfast.

Wedding Magician. Table Magician. Pickpocket Entertainer. Magic Matt. Manchester.

During the wedding breakfast Matt entertains from table to table working around the courses. He’ll usually save the Head Table until after the main course, so the bride and groom can both get some food in and re-energise. As a performer this is an ideal time to entertain. It’s like performing a mini show to every table. Each is a small captive audience. In practical terms Matt is a great ice-breaker at the tables. This is ideal if guests don’t know each other. In practice if there are children at your wedding quite often the kids follow Matt from table to table too. Most often the speeches are at the end of the meal and these bring Matt’s table magic to an end.

"Hi Matt, I hope you are well. The first thing I wanted to do upon returning to work was email you a MASSIVE thank you for your time on the day. Everyone mentioned what a wonderful performer you were and I would say, without doubt, one of the most entertaining parts of the day. It gave Dawn and I incredible pleasure to look across the room and see the tears of laughter from the tables where you were entertaining. If you ever want any form of reference then please do not hesitate to ask….I would advise anyone having a wedding to get you booked - a very worthwhile investment... Many, many thanks." Mike & Dawn Wilson

"Dear Matt, Just to say a very big THANK YOU from Mike and I for your huge contribution to our wedding celebrations on Saturday. You went down a storm! Everyone is talking about you and we have heard so many stories of your different "tricks" - On top of being a fantastic magician (and pickpocket!) you were extremely witty, quick thinking and amusing. Thank you so much! You made our day. Best wishes." Mike and Barbara Hunt

3) Room Turnaround.

Wedding Magician. Table Magician. Pickpocket Entertainer. Magic Matt. Manchester.

How can you keep your guests entertained after the wedding breakfast? Incidentally it’s a great fun time to perform. Everyone has relaxed, they have usually had a few drinks and a good laugh at the speeches. And for the FOTB, Groom and Best Man possibly relieved to have got them done too.

Sometimes there can be a lull after the speeches and until the evening guests arrive and the party gets going.  Sometimes there is a room turnaround and guests have to leave the function room. Often they hang out in the bar, before being allowed back in to the newly dance-floor kitted out room. These are both ideal times for Matt to keep the day guests entertained. It helps to keep the energy up and post-speech joviality going until the evening party starts. If the timings allow Matt catches the evening guests too. Often the evening guests are told about Matt and they come to find him. Or the day guests often want him to do certain tricks (e.g. watch-stealing) on their friends as they arrive.

Sometimes the wedding breakfast over-runs, either because the meal takes longer than planned. Or most often as the speeches take longer than expected. This might mean that the evening guests have to sit around a bit. So it’s a nice time for Matt to catch these guests while the day guests are still in the meal, and it shows that you have thought of them for exactly this scenario.

4) The Evening Party.

And finally, there is simply the evening party. Great Fun. After an enjoyable day everyone wants to celebrate. Matt joins in the fun as a part of this with his astonishing walkabout and table magic. Lots of fun. Lots of laughter. And Matt can entertain pretty much everyone, from the sometimes inebriated day guests, to the new arrivals, to the elderly guests often sitting around struggling to hear the conversations. Usually Matt finishes when the first dance starts and the music gets turned up and the evening moves on.

“Hello Matt - brilliant. You certainly entertained our guests, they LOVED it! Many, many thanks for making Kathryn and Adam's day so very special, I think we were very lucky to have found you.” Margaret Thompson

"Hi Matt, Sorry that it's taken so long to drop you a line since our wedding in February, we're now back from honeymoon and settling into married life. We just wanted to say thank you SO much for performing magic at our wedding, we had an absolutely amazing day and everyone was, and still is raving about the things that you did! ... Weddings are expensive and we were a bit concerned about the cost of having a magician before we booked you, but can honestly say (and to anyone thinking of booking you in the future) you were worth every penny, and more! You put everyone at ease and made sure everyone had a smile on their faces! ... Thanks again." Steve and Louise Eccles

If you are a football fan a couple of weddings to name drop include Premiership footballers Leon Osman’s (Everton FC) at Thornton Manor, and Charlie Adam’s (Liverpool FC – and now Stoke City FC) at Cameron House, Loch Lomond.

And a wedding magician claim to fame that’s not TV or “Celebrities”.

One of the best endorsements I think I have is that Jamie Briers from Equity employed me to entertain at his wedding. Almost every professional entertainer is on Equity's books. So as an area organiser you are in the unique position of actually being able to make a more informed choice - rather than guessing from the dozens of magicians that typically come up on a web site search. Magic Matt

“Hi Matt I just wanted to drop you a line on behalf of Nicola and I to say a big thank you to you for your work at our wedding. Your contribution went a long way to making our day the special one it was. All our guests (even the most challenging!!) were really impressed with your skills and the way that you worked the room and my mum is still trying to work out how her watch ended up inside a balloon!!” Jamie Briers, Equity North West Regional Organiser -

And there are many, many more quotes in Testimonials – if you want to read them!