Manchester Magician “Magic” Matt will simply amaze your guests. Whether it’s a private dinner for 10 guests, a wedding with 100, or a corporate event with 300+ he’ll have them roaring with laughter and talking about your event for years to come. Matt has spent 20 years working on the magic that he performs. Through thousands of performances he has honed a huge repertoire of exceptional close-up and table magic. He loves magic that relies on sleight of hand and misdirection, and delivers this with a sense of humour that will create a lot of laughter and help to make your event outstanding. Watch Matt Here: Video.

Matt performing Table Magic and guests laughing.

Manchester based Magician & Pickpocket

Matt has entertained as a close-up (“close-hand”) and table magician throughout the UK and abroad, on TV (most recently The Real Housewives of Cheshire), for conferences, awards ceremonies, golf days (making the 19th hole one to remember!) and private parties. He is a full-time professional. He’ll arrive early, be flexible and goes that extra mile to ensure you have a stress free event and your guests enjoy themselves. To give one example of a long-term booking that is based on this, Matt has performed as a table magician for both Christmas Eve and NYEE at Armathwaite Hall Hotel in the Lake District for 19 years.

Since 2000 Matt has been the resident matchday magician at Manchester United FC. He has entertained at numerous private events for Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney etc, and entertained the team and their families at their Manchester Carrington Road training ground. To name drop a couple of other sports Matt has entertained Andy Murray, Tim Henman and Co. at the LTA, and the British Olympic sailing team before the Rio Olympics.

In addition to performing magic, if you’d like to really surprise your guests, he’s a pickpocket too. And an honest one! Matt is one of the only pickpocket magicians in the UK. Matt’s watch and tie-stealing is world class.  If you are hoping to host an event that your guests will talk about it for years to come – there is almost nothing more amazing than discovering someone else wearing your watch – or your tie. Your guests are unlikely to have ever seen anything like it live.


Close-up and table magician for hire!

"I wondered if you were available on the evening of Saturday 4th November, it's my 50th birthday and I am hosting dinner for friends and family... You performed at our wedding (8 years ago) in April 2009 at The Inn at Whitewell, I have never forgotten the howls of laughter breaking out at each table as you went round the room." Guy Davidson

Matt typically performs walkabout magic as a meet-and-greet artist during the reception drinks. He gathers small groups of guests together, breaking the ice and helping to enliven the atmosphere at the start of an event. Once the guests are seated, Matt will perform table magic throughout dinner, introducing himself to each table in turn. He performs a huge array of amazing sleight of hand magic and illusions that will astound your guests and bringing a lot of applause and laughter to the room.

Usually the table magic is brought to an end after coffee has been served and the speeches/awards/DJ starts. Alternatively Matt can either finish his table magic with a quick 5 minute show over coffee or he could perform his After Dinner Comedy Magic show – he usually starts by returning watches he has stolen from the audience (Video). His quick 5 minute show acts as a really nice focal point. It captures everyone’s attention and gets the guests laughing and clapping. Matt then hands the microphone over to the boss/host/auction.


The entertainment of your guests is in exceptional hands.

With highly skilled sleight of hand techniques and an extensive variety of his own magical effects Matt’s close-up magic really is unique. To give one example… The Famous Cups & Balls Trick

Versions of the cup and ball illusion table magic trick from ancient Egypt to penn and teller

Most decent table magicians perform a “Cup and Ball” trick of some sort. The plot is thousands of years old. Typically there’s a surprise when the volunteer picks up a cup and finds something unexpected inside – like a lemon. Paul Daniels became famous for performing his one cup version of this trick. Penn and Teller have a clever 2 man version. It’s a fantastic piece of table magic even if your guests have seen a magician before. But Matt adds to this with a kicker surprise. Just when everyone thinks the trick is finished Matt gets the guest to lift the cup. It’s an astonishing moment when they find their own watch under the cup. It is, quite literally, jaw-dropping.

Manchester Town Hall: Wedding day magic. Pickpocketing a watch revelation moment in cup and ball trick.


Magician For Hire in Manchester

Matt is an exceptional magician and pickpocket based in Cheadle Hulme, Manchester. He is available to hire for corporate events, private events and weddings throughout Manchester, Cheshire and the North West. His extensive experience covers all sorts of events in pretty much every venue around Manchester, from performing close-up magic at a luncheon for 4 guests at The St. James Club (private members’ club), to being the headline stage act for the LCCC Player of the Year at The Point with an audience of 400+.

Matt is notably the matchday magician at Manchester United. He has entertained at private events for Sir Alex Ferguson and numerous Man Utd team members over the last decade. He has performed at the Carrington Road training ground for the players and families, and for the Manchester United Museum tour. If you aren’t a Man Utd fan please don’t let that put you off! He has also entertained at the Etihad stadium for MCFC and for the Rugby League Magic Weekend. And if you enjoy Rugby Union Matt has entertained for the Sale Sharks hospitality, and at venues and events throughout Manchester.

With the experience of entertaining at over 3,000 events you can be assured that the entertainment of your guests will be outstanding! Matt’s corporate clients include these 300 businesses…



About Matt – Magician, Manchester.

Matt started performing as a magician while he was studying Law at the University of Manchester. During his postgraduate MBA at the University of Salford he started to promote his entertainment skills more seriously. For the first time he had to start paying his own way in life! Shortly after graduating Matt was given a tough dilemma. Join the world of graduate recruitment or take up the offer of entertaining on a cruise ship in the Caribbean? Matt packed his bags. As an anecdote it was lovely that 20 years on from graduating Matt entertained at The Whitworth Art Gallery for the retirement of The Vice Chancellor Tom Bloxham. Many of the guests were alumni, staff and academics that had overlapped with Matt’s time at the university.

Coming back to Manchester after a few years on the ships Matt started to establish himself again as a local magician. He started to promote himself to venues around Manchester and picked up a residency at Down Under bar (now closed). This alone spun off enough work to keep Matt busy, and his magic career took off. Matt joined both magic clubs based in Manchester, The Order of the Magi and The MCM. Sadly event and family commitments mean that Matt has let his memberships lapse. Matt’s TV appearances include CBBC’s The Slammer. ITV’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Manchester Live? Channel 5 Live with Chris Moyles. Sky One – The Next Big Thing.

Matt has performed at events throughout Manchester for over 20 years. If you are looking for ideas here are some venues that Matt has performed at.

He lives in Cheadle Hulme. Contact: 0161 485 5489. Mobile: 07973 890401. Address: 18 Cheadle Wood, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, SK8 6SS. Call in for a cup of tea if you are passing!