Learn A Magic Trick

Matt Says: Thank you for visiting my Learn A Magic Trick page I hope you have found this because we have met –  as I am so often asked about how to learn a trick. It’s is a spin-off idea from the magic workshops I have performed over the years. As with most things there is a learning curve to go through, and please don’t be put off when it goes wrong. You will improve! And I hope you will be armed with a great fun, amazing party piece evermore.

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Magic Matt’s (almost) Impossible 3 Number Mind-Reading Trick

The Secret Method
1) Ask your volunteer to think of a 3 digit number (all different digits).
e.g. 123
2) Reverse this number & subtract the smaller from the larger.
e.g. 123 reversed = 321. 321 – 123 = 198.
The tens (middle column) will always be 9.
3) You now ask for or guess (1 in 9 times you are right) the units column digit. I guess 5 – as if it is 4 or 6 they think you were close: if you get it wrong just ask for the units number.
In our e.g. this is 8.
4) The units and hundreds column digits always add up to 9.
We know the units column in an 8, so we now know that the hundreds must be a 1.
We know the tens column is always a 9, so we now know the answer is 198.

Now PERFORM this bit well…..

Emphasise they thought of a random 3 digit number: you couldn’t possibly know what this i.

They reversed a number you don’t know, to another number you can’t possibly know.

And they have subtracted a number that you don’t know from a number that you don’t know – but by focusing on their thoughts… you can tell them the answer!

Announce this number or write it down and turn the page around to surprise them.


Instead of this ending with the number you can get them to add the individual digits of their answer together:
e.g. 1+9+8 = 18.
If you have a book get them to turn to page 18 and read the first word on that page or concentrate on a picture if there is one (You must have already checked this!). You can surprise them by telling them the “one in a thousand” word they are thinking of or by drawing an image of the picture they are imagining…

It is amazing!

And finally – practice this! Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong.
Just try it – you’ll be armed with a wonderful party piece evermore.
Any problems feel free to contact me: matt@magicmatt.co.uk. Tel: 07973 890401. Good luck!